The Systems

EMOTIONSCAN® is a special edition of etascan® (in cooperation with IFBIO-Vienna), where the main attention is directed to the detection of emotional conscious and unconscious cellular conditions,

EMOTIONSCAN® is a bio-informational assessment system, which examines the body’s frequency structures within a very short time (20 to 40 minutes) identifies imbalance and indicates where problems reside
(energetic and emotional)

EMOTIONSCAN® is a non-invasive, non threatening and pain-free examination of the biofield.

The energetic balance of all energy organs, the lymph and other systems, blood and even chromosomes is made visible, and one can learn about the nature of existing imbalances.

EMOTIONSCAN® identifies sources of damage, such as microorganisms, allergens, food intolerance, emotions; after an assessment of the client’s bioenergies, the system can assist in the reestablishment of a health balance. If necessary, the client is sent to the medical care of a licensed physician or other health care provider.

We underline explicitely that the here described applications do not imply any healing declaration or healing consent. Emotionscan makes no explicit or implied medical claims. Emotionscan does not diagnose, treat or cure any disease or medical conditions.

Every statement and recommendation refers - without any exception -
to the client’s energy body.

The here quoted reports of experience are subjectively perceived by our clients and will stand up to any verification. Clients showing deviations from a calculated norm in their biofield will be sent without exception to the medical care of a licensed physician or other health care provider.