Dear clients,

Here you find the licensed, perfectly trained and
certificated EMOTIONSCAN®-therapists.

We recommend and take responsibility with quiet conscience for all EMOTIONSCAN®-therapists listed on our website, as they
follow exactly our guidelines.

Here you find therapists using an EMOTIONSCAN®-system as additional equipment in their practice and thereby also doing a good job. In most cases they do not have the latest software at their disposal though, nor have they participated in the necessary seminars.

Attention please!
As it has got around that our therapists are very successful, we want to protect you from those, copying our software or would-be therapists. Please let us know immediately, if someone offered you an EMOTIONSCAN®-session without being listed below.

As a recompense for your information and your endeavours you will
be invited for a free session with one of our listed
EMOTIONSCAN®-therapists of your free choice!

Legal advice:
If address-,telephone or maildatas of our therapists are used unlawfully for sales-business or mail-advertisement, we find ourselves compelled to bring a charge against the operator immediately!