Protection from ALL types of flu?

"How do I protect myself correctly?" This has become an issue of major public concern.

It is not enough just to "wash your hands". What is much more important is PRECAUTION!

A functioning immune system and an efficient, protective field quickly rotating around your body, which can be easily activated, will guarantee that you will not be affected by any virus - regardless of how current it is.

Emotionscan shows you a way to strengthen your immune system so that you will be able to protect yourself from any kind of infections. Thoughts, emotions and behavioural patterns that generate resistance in your body or "don't feel good" put a strain on your energy body and thus weaken also your physical body (loss of up to 60% of energy).

In an Emotionscan session, stressful vibrations are uncovered, identified and eliminated, thus ensuring that all of your organs are once again optimally supplied with energy and strengthened. Every Emotionscan therapist can also help you by providing you with techniques and tools that you can use to learn how to deal with these stressful emotions, thoughts and patterns. What your therapist cannot do is TO LEARN IT FOR YOU. With the tools and the awareness of "WHAT" you want to change, this learning process is an exciting task resulting in a continuous development.

Taking herbal essences with seasonal effects will quickly build up your immune system.

A particularly efficient health protection measure is the regeneration in the pentagram, which has the aim to strengthen the group of organs affected in the respective season with a special herbal essence.

Especially now in the cold season it is very important to strengthen our body's defences.

Talk to an Emotionscan therapist of your choice - he/she can advice and support you.

To reinforce your decision to follow this path please find below the link of a video of Jane Bürgermeister, which was recorded just a few days ago:

(If you succeed in watching these videos remaining emotionally neutral and without fear, anger or rage and in memorising this information in a matter-of-fact and calm fashion, you are already at a rather advanced stage in your development.)