Easy exercises for the increase of our vibration

As promised we will show you today the first part of many easy exercises, which can increase our vibration and our well-being. These exercises are by no means time-consuming and you may be surprised by the easiness of the possibilities, what is important though, is to integrate them consciously into our everyday life.

Let’s start in the morning:

Taking a shower
Our daily shower should not just be only to clean our physical body. The thought of cleaning at the same time our energy-body from negative energies and wash away energetic ballast, increases your vibration.

To be earthed is an important requirement to stay in our middle. In the morning imagine how a beam from your feet goes right into the geocentre. Connect yourself upwards with a column out of goldwhite light which rises widely into the universe. Speak the affirmation: “I am the bond between heaven and earth and I receive this bond gratefully.” Feel this bond and guidance, it will strengthen you and keep you grounded throughout the day. It is very healthful to walk barefoot over meadow in the warmer season. Thereby feel mother earth consciously and thank her for all the precious fruits she gives us.

In most cases we leave breathing to our subconscious. Breathing consciously is a process where you should take the time only for a few minutes per day. Direct your attention to your heart and imagine how you breathe in love with every breath you take and your whole body gets fulfilled with love. We would like you to know, that you are connected with everything around you through your breath. The air you breathe already exists for millions of years and has been inhaled and exhaled by numerous people and animals and many plants transformed it to oxygen. Fulfill your exhalation with gratefulness.

Eating is a basic need to support our body with nutrient and energy. The more natural our nutrition is, the better our body can process it. It is also very important with which approach you ingest and what thoughts you connect with ingesting. Take your time for eating and enjoy it, don’t let the TV or any other activity take your attention from it. As soon as you start ingesting consciously, enjoying it and keeping an eye on the body signals, you will get possible weight problems under control. There are no good or bad foods, only your approach towards it. If food fulfills you and gives pleasure to you, it is an important contribution to increasing your vibration.

Into the day consciously
The part that reacts to attacks or injuries is always our ego. The ego is also the part, which always tries to attack or defend itself. If you try to get out of this position and observe your environment from an observer point of view, you will have the possibility not to react with anger or consternation. Instead try to look inside and ask yourself, what offends or hurts you in this situation. Thus you have the possibility to identify old patterns and solve them.

Enjoy nature
Visiting nature connects us to mother earth. After leaving back your hectic pace and stress you will find the entry to your intuition. The simplicity of nature gives your soul room to unfold. Thus you increase automatically your vibration.

We experience negative emotions more lasting and conscious than joyful moments. By enjoying simple things, like a sunny winter day, or the spring awakening of nature, the fragrant of flowers, or the laughter of your fellow human beings, etc. you will reduce internal stress, whereby the energy of your body can flow freely again. You reload yourself with vital energy and you increase automatically your vibration.

Apart from the physical advantages like the release of happy hormones, painkilling and anti-inflammatory substances, the reduction of stress hormones as well as the stimulation of the digestion, it also increases your creativity, power of concentration and boosts human relations. As you can’t laugh and think at the same time, it is an effective and easy method to put yourself into a meditative state, which increases your vibration.

We focus many times on our flaws and are dissatisfied. In order to demonstrate wishes, you need a higher vibration frequency. Gratitude is one of the best ways to increase it. Gratitude for all of what you achieved, for people that are linked to you in love and for support which helps you, a good talk, a good meal, a beautiful day, etc.

Every kind of music, that lets your heart beat faster and creates positive feelings in you, increases your vibration. Surround yourself consciously with enjoyable music, instead of playing a radio station in the background.

No matter if singing, painting, drawing, handiworks or playing an instrument, every way of creativity and creation increases your vibration and your self-esteem. Thus take your time for creativity regularly and rejoice in your talents.

Physical exercises support your body to reduce dammed energy and tension and sets free positive energy, whereby this increases your vibration. No matter if it is endurance sports, weight training, yoga or stretching, the precondition is, that exercise makes you happy. If exercise doesn’t make you happy and you only train under pressure to perform, because it is propagated, that endurance sports are so healthy, it creates stress and has counterproductive effects on you.

A bath for twenty minutes, adding a few spoons of himalaya salt to it, acts relaxing, cleans your energy-body and causes a restorative sleep and gives you more energy for the upcoming day.

We will give you more suggestions on how to increase your vibration next week.

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Until then With Love,