Erika R., 51 yrs.

More than 15 years ago, the story of my nose began. Often I got a nosebleed. Besides I had adenoids, which disfigured my nose considerably. I consulted many doctors, but they could not help me. Last year it was decided in the regional hospital of Graz to operate my nose. The adenoids should have been removed, and it was planned, to put a baloon into my forehead in order to produce new skin. I was sent home again by the doctors five times for different reasons.

This was a signal for me. I decided not to be operated. In addition to my bad state of health also my state of mind got worse. I had to quit my job, because of heavy bleeding, and this led to my distancing from social life. A good friend told me about Maria Maurer. Since then I have been given therapy by her and I have made progress in many respects. My nosebleed stopped right after the first session and also my nose is getting better from day to day. I am fine, and I know that I absolutely made the right decision.

Maria Maurer has shown me how to experience joy in life again. I trust her and this unique method of therapy very much and I know that I will soon regain my health completely.

Thank you!