Manuela, 23 yrs., Kapfenberg

 I have had all kinds of health problems, mainly in my digestive system, my spine and my kidneys for about five months. The doctors in Thier (Germany) had only diagnosed kidney stones. My whole body was hurting. During the first Emotionscan session, my body showed strange, indescribable reactions (different parts of my body felt tingly). I was given some Energy-products, which I took conscientiously.

The following days after the session I could feel an improvement everywhere in my body. A few days later - for some minutes, or in other parts of the body for some hours, I was in pain, strange reactions turned up, but disappeared immediately. Everything calmed down again and I did not feel problems any more.

After the second Emotionscan check I could feel some strange reactions in my body again.. Finally, after this check, I am in perfect health again.

Thank you Emotionscan, than you Mr. Mitteregger!