Emotions - Philosophy

Any negative emotion has a straining effect on the energy body (which is a subtle copy of the human physical body). According to the state of the physical body - dependent on nutrition, exercise, immune defense, fitness, environmental pollutants such as electro smog, mobile phones, wireless devices - the influence of the energy body is accordingly weaker or stronger.

If the physical body is in imbalance, the pressure of the energy body on the system increases because of emotional charge, and this leads to
symptoms of indisposition.

The reestablishment of a healthy balance can be accomplished only, if the emotion as source of damage can be dissolved in the energy body.

There is no medicament healing your body nor any technical device; it is the body that heals itself!!!

The experience from several thousand sessions has shown that the dissolving of emotions as sources of damage, has always had a positive effect on the physical body and has also improved the health condition.

Actually nothing can be added to this. During an EMOTIONSCAN®-session you will be able to experience everything by yourself.