A successful application of this method can be granted only, if you are willing


80% of the success is up to you by releasing emotions as source of damage. Only your body is able to achieve self-healing! EMOTIONSCAN®-therapists can only support you on your way to a successful healing.

The most reasonable application is one of prevention, before any health imbalances occur.

In most cases it takes one to two years until emotions cause damage in the physical body. With the help of EMOTIONSCAN® you can look ahead fort his period of time, you can dissolve the damaging emotions and thereby prevent many symptomatic diseases,

It has been shown from experience that by the client’s active cooperation and commitment, even chronic complaints were successfully relieved.

The visualizing of the energetic condition (weight-reduction blocks, subconscious programmes, emotions as sources of damage, blocked chakras, rotation disturbance of the biofield etc.) helps you to realize the actual extent of emotional stress on your physical body.

EMOTIONSCAN® can accurately investigate the current level of
informational regulation of the body’s biofield- detecting and examinating existing imbalances of vessels, the respiratory system, the musculo-skeletal system and other systems, the intestinal tract, the lymph, skin,
blood, cells and chromosomes.

EMOTIONSCAN® makes it thereby possible to find out yery quickly the underlying, actual cause of any physical imbalance.