Identification criteria and assessment

We should like to give you here a short abstract of some enquiries
and statements made during an Emotionscan session.

... about the cell and the whole body:

Subconscious / conscious
do your decisions come from your head or your gut feeling?
Are there wrong belief systems?

Subconscious emotional reasons
Does your energy-body still show subconscious, suppressed emotional patterns, which have been formed a long time ago? (jealousy, fear, loneliness a.s.o.)

Is the cell damaged or strained? Is it undergoing transformation?
How long will the regeneration take...?

Burdensome persons
Who is burdening my subconscious? (e.g. father, partner, former friend, colleague...)

... the soul:

Soul-meter (new)
How is my soul? Is it happy, torn between, searching, deeply hurt?

(Great! During the first session it can be found out, whether there are more topics to work on (or just one), if the client has to dissolve an emotion, which is causing imbalance or if it is about an old emotional pattern.)

Level of spiritual development (new)
How is my spiritual development?

The soul’s life task  (new)
Which task was chosen by the soul before its incarnation?
Which qualities should be developped: tolerance, respect, generosity, honesty, patience? Which qualities should be given up?

... to reduce weight:

Which chakra is blocked and has to be activated?

Rotation of the biofield (new)
Up to how many percent does the horizontal biofield rotate around the
physical body in order to protect it from various influences?

Energetic level (new)
How much energy do I need to reduce weight?

Reduce weight YES / NO
Is it actually possible to lose weight, or do certain emotions
or actions impede the optimum weight?

Reduce weight DEFICIENCY
Is it too much anger, too much fear or a deficit of warm
words or positive actions, or...?

Are there enough vitamins, mineral supplements and trace
elements available to reduce weight?