How can I become a therapist

EMOTIONSCAN® is the first energy body-system choosing its therapists!

You can not simply buy this system -


Emotionscan is able to detect any wrong dogma, negative emotions and inherited negative patterns and thereby visualizes them to the client as causes of imbalance. The system is able to check and evaluate also the applicant’s state of development.

Understandably we expect our therapists to have mastered their own biggest obstacles and to have worked successfully on their own causes of imbalance. Only then they will be able to support others in dissolving their resistances.

An EMOTIONSCAN®-therapist takes a lot of responsibility!
Not only for those, who trustfully address themselves to him with their problems, but also for himself, his further training and his personal development. To be an EMOTIONSCAN®-therapist does not only mean to have an extraordinarily interesting job and to know, how to apply the principles of life and the cosmic laws, but it also means to apply them every minute to his own life and to communicate them to others.

A special technique enables us to find those persons, who will use this system perfectly for the good of mankind on the strenghth of their attitude, their spiritual development and their special talent to see things in a general way (applicants don’t need any previous experience in the field of health-service).

We, as the development- and training team (guided persons) are perfectly aware of this responsibility and we know from everyday’s experience that every EMOTIONSCAN®-therapist has to follow certain guidelines in order to be able to help others successfully with an EMOTIONSCAN®-therapy. All our therapists are given these guidelines in training, though it is up to them to put them into practice.

Our perfectly trained EMOTIONSCAN®-therapists follow
the following guidelines:

  • to treat clients only if the therapist himself is in good physical condition.
  • to clean and protect himeself energetically before a treatment.
  • not to make any high-handed or manipulative treatment.
  • explanation of working-method, payment-transparency.
  • protection of intimacy.
  • seperate room for treatment.
  • to respect and appreciate the work of other therapists.
  • obligation to keep the client’s information confidential.
  • session according to energetic priciples.
  • use of the complete ENERGY-essence product range.
  • use of the three pillars of health.
  • participation in our seminars (special fees).

You will find all our EMOTIONSCAN®-therapists following these guidelines, with photograph and contact address on our website. We can recommend and take responsibility for them.

We are content with the fact that many therapists from other areas of health-service have chosen EMOTIONSCAN® as an additional appliance in their work and thereby doing a very good job. You will also find them in the category „therapists“- with contact address but without photo. Naturally we can recommend them too. As we are EMOTIONSCAN® specialists and not really well versed in other forms of therapy, we cannot comment on their work.

If you would like to find out, if EMOTIONSCAN® is the right therapy-instrument for you, and if you are ready to work with it, we are looking foreward to having your application at the inquiry mode.