EMOSS in harmony!
With the help of your thoughts and this symbol you can save 2-3 litres of petrol or diesel for every 100 km! How does it work?

In the view of the spiritual and cosmic world, the reason for the recurring energy crises is that we have to invest energy on the outside, which we then lack on the inside.

The symbol shown on the right sight has been released for use worldwide. Its aim is to draw attention to the deficit of "inner peace", to make you think about this topic and to enrich you.

Another of its purposes is to show us all how powerful thoughts and an inner balance are. If you don't activate this symbol with a mantra in your thoughts, you car will consume as much petrol or diesel as usual and you will not benefit from any savings.

So how can you save petrol?
It's actually very simple:

Just download the PDF file you'll find below, cut out the symbol - if possible, laminate it - and stick it under the bonnet above the engine block. That's all it takes in terms of physical effort.

Now we come to the much more important task.

Every time you start your car, please think 3 to 4 times:


With this thought you activate the symbol. At this point it is only important how well centred and tranquil and calm you are. The more you are in harmony with yourself, the more petrol you will save (we have already heard from people testing this method telling us that they were able to halve their consumption). This leads to the conclusion that when you are driving at full speed, you cannot reduce consumption as you yourself are tense and certainly not in harmony.

Additional aids:
Try switching off your thoughts, don't play your music too loud, let the things that have to happen around you happen, accept everything with calm (what has to happen, will happen anyway) and enjoy your drive. The more you succeed in doing all this, the more you will save and the more quality you will experience in your live!

How it works:
Your "inner peace" has a vibration and this vibration is transformed with this symbol and transmitted to your engine. This results in a more efficient burning of the fuel with a better engine performance or a lower consumption.

Mantras of "EMOSS in harmony":
  1. I am now and forever in harmony with myself and everything there is;
  2. I am now and forever free of conflicting thoughts, feelings and emotions;
  3. I am now and forever free and fill myself and my surroundings with vitality and joy!