Portal Information

This portal is unique in the world!

It has to get all of our clients Emotionscan the possibility of directly after the measurement at one of our therapists, further information and assistance for the recovery course or for their consciousness expansion.

Portal Information

  • My way (What should I change!)
  • My current Spiritual Helpers
  • My supportive icon
  • Basic facts about foreign relations and energy issues
  • The minutes of last meeting
  • Essence Info plus personal income Recommendation
  • Support Downloads
  • Numerological analysis of birth data, Birth specifications, field life,
    organ assignments, Number and name City situation
  • Personal mind expansion

All this information will be evaluated immediately after the examination by the therapist and the client and determined by personal username and password, the portal provided.


how they are used by all banks and for payments - - Although "only" bioenergetic information and are not directly reveal close to your health, all data on safety lines are ALWAYS sent.

For you in the address bar with "https ://....." visible!

This analysis and information exclusively the user has access.

Added value for clients

The enormous advantage for the client is that things can be the information during the scanning session emotion went through again in peace. By reworking, deepening and raising awareness of current issues, so Marks and undesirable behavior automatically be changed so as to ensure optimum Regenarationsprozess or attainment of desired living conditions.